Fraternity Nicknames Useful in Reality

Fraternity nicknames from the '60s bring fond memories. At the 9000 Balboa house Pollard wrote a sharp message to the pledges on the kitchen message blackboard: "Do the dishes or I will swoop down and get you! (signed) The Sparrow."

Later, in the house by myself and unobserved, I courageously wrote, "Leave the pledges alone or I will get you! (signed) The Phantom."

We sent such messages back and forth for days. President Smith finally wrote sternly, "All of you cut this out or I will get both of you. (signed) The Falcon."

Many other nicknames had similar stories--Big Bear, Little Bear, Precious, Weggie, and so forth.

Well, forty some years later, the Fresno Bee and Universal Studios have a contest in which we submit an alias we would have used if we were in the new movie, The Bourne Ultimatum. Eve encouraged me to enter the contest.

A week later--in fact today--I received an envelope addressed to
John "The Phantom" Cagle
in which were two tickets to a special preview of The Bourne Ultimatum.

Who said the lighter side of fraternity life had no relevance to the real world?
I will sign autographs at the Pismo Reunion for a nominal fee.
The Phantom

July 26, 2007
John Cagle

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