November 22, 1963

Beautiful day in 1963, November 22.  I got dressed and headed to San Fernando Valley State College (now CSU Northridge)
in my yell leader outfit. Gil Taylor, Bill Hardy, and I were yell leaders.  We were going to have a pep rally that day inside the cafeteria
to promote the weekend football game with Los Angeles State College--including driving into the cafeteria following the marching band
in a VW bug! 

I went to my 11:00 philosophy class.  Only about fifty students were there. 

Professor Jerome Richfield was late. 

He came in about 11:10 and said a few words to the class, "Under the circumstances, it is best not to have class today.  Class dismissed." And he left. 

I went over to the cafeteria not knowing why class was cancelled.  The cafeteria was heavy with emotion--packed with students.  The cafeteria speakers
were broadcasting a radio station.  I asked a friend what was going on and he said, "President Kennedy was assassinated."  I took off my yell leader sweater. 

Too sad a day for cheers, alas.

John Cagle

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